Tale of Michael Fitzjohn Senior citizen

Michael Fitzjohn has done B.S. from the University of Oregon.He is 100% Disabled Vietnam veteran. Proud liberal. He mainly write about Senior Citizen issues, about Bipolar condition, Agent Orange, Veterans affairs, Heritage buff, elderly And dementia troubles

Michael Fitzjohn

I’m a disabled Vietnam veteran. I will soon be a part of the roughly 390 Vietnam veterans dying every day.

I was uncovered to Agent Orange, a chemical

utilized to defoliate the jungle so the enemy could be seen less complicated.

I was diagnosed with a type of Parkinson’s which will kill me inside five decades.

The Veterans section demands to conserve revenue in purchase to assistance veterans serving in our in no way- ending war to combat terrorism.

Vietnam veterans are dying quicker simply because the VA has confined incapacity payments to all those suffering from Agent Orange. Physicians are urging the VA to insert extra health conditions from Agent Orange.

The VA has promised to take a look at incorporating to the checklist but are refusing to make a decision.

Phone 844-698-2311

Request the director, David, J. Shulkin to set Vietnam Veterans requires in position of the spending budget.

We have to have your help. We’re dying.

You can speak to him https://www.quora.com/profile/Michael-Fitzjohn-1