The Untold Story About Mr.Chips And Happy Veterans Day 2021 Everybody Should Know

Mr.Chips and Happy Veterans Day 2021

It was 1870 easy to remember because of the Franco-Prussian war when a young man started his journey at Brookfield School. He was fair complexioned, had side-whiskers, and high collars dressed himself according to the fashion of his age. He had different discipline issues at the start but later got improved.

In his twenties, he dreamed of getting a headship or senior mastership in any first-class school. He served himself as British literature teaching. In the spring of 1896, while he was on vacation to Lake District. An incident happened there that changed the remaining life of Chips. While climbing on the Great Gamble, he noticed a girl waving excitedly from a dangerous-looking edge.

Thinking she was in danger, he ran to help her but got his ankle wrenched. Later, Katherine came to rescue him. She helped him and took him to the farmhouse where Chips were staying, and also nursed him during his injury. It was the first time he met Katherine Bridges and was twenty-five years old young enough to be Chip’s daughter. She had blue, flashing eyes, freckled cheeks, and smooth straw-colored hair. 

Katherine Bridges had very revolutionary ideas. She read and admired Ibsen, a very radical writer. She believed that women ought to be admitted to the universities; she even thought that women ought to vote (at that time). But Mr.Chips is not so familiar with her.

He was the man who didn’t like modern playwrights George Bernard Shaw and Ibsen. Because he taught their writings and movements for women, empowerment was not fair. Their ideas were the most objectionable for conservative people like Chips. Their plays were also disturbing for society. 

Katherine had no parents, so they got married at her aunt’s house in Ealing London, a week before the beginning of the autumn term in 1896.

After the marriage, she was warmly welcomed at Brookfield, and she conquered Brookfield as she did Mr. Chips. Katherine made him a new man; his eyes gained sparkle, and his mind began to think positively and differently. His sense of humor blossomed, and his discipline improved a lot.

He became popular with the boys. Moreover, she broadened his views and ideas. She played an active role in arranging school functions. She had been a good player and an excellent musician. She also gave helpful suggestions to improve his discipline.

It was April 1, 1898, which proved to be a nightmare for him. Katherine Bridges died during childbirth. Chips were so sad that he didn’t want to receive any condolence and dreamed of escaping into an outside world. He wished to die. The memory of their first meeting was still fresh in his mind, and he became sad as he thought about this. For the first time in his life, his colleagues started noticing that he had grown old. 

Mr.Ralston was a mere youngster of thirty-seven, was excellent in studies and co-curricular activities. He became the headmaster of Brookfield in 1900. As he became headmaster, a quarrel started between Ralston and Chips because Ralston wanted to run Brookfield as a fast-growing factory.

That is the reason for the clash between Chips and Ralston. But later, Ralston got an offer to the headship of some first-class school, and he moved there. Then Mr.Chatteris came into the game. He was Ralston’s successor. He was brilliant, modern, friendly, and sympathetic.

Chips suffered from bronchitis for nearly the whole of the winter term in 1913. So, he decided to retire at the ripe age of 65. He presented with a cheque, a writing desk, and a clock on his farewell party. Moreover, Ralston’s straight words also affected him because he told him that he was old and couldn’t be recovered. Following chips and veterans day

Chips And Veterans Day

After his retirement, he was busying himself in the correction of Brookfield’s directory, drinking tea, and writing occasional letters to the Times. He moves his routine according to the bell of the school. And he thought that his remaining life would be the same. But in 1918, Mr.Chatteris requested Chips to rejoin because he was overworked, diabetic, and worried. He was over-worried and looked very ill, and was facing many problems in school during war days. The playing fields of Brookfield were used for the training of soldiers. Its masters and students both went to war. Many old Brookfield laid their lives for England. Many good teachers had left or were in uniform. Their substitutes were pretty dreadful. Moreover, Chips also wanted to associate himself with Brookfield. 

Mr.Chips was taking his lower fourth class when an air raid started. The guns began instantly, and plenty of shrapnel fell outside the building. But they were safe on the ground floor of the schoolhouse, but five bombs had dropped in and around Brookfield, and nine people died as a result. He continued his course boldly during the shelling while the boys were much nervous. He didn’t turn a hair and even found some old tags to explain the situation. There was a time when he had many discipline issues, but now he was well experienced and knew how to deal with that terrible situation.

Mr. Chips fell ill on the night of November 11, 1918. It was a damp foggy day Chips And Veterans Day

His walk across the quadrangle to the dining hall had given him a chill, and he was in bed with bronchitis. Mr.Chips sent his resignation to the board. 

And it was the day when the war ended officially and the whole holiday was declared. There were much cheering and singing and a bread fight across the dining hall. That day is celebrated as Armistice Day (Veterans Day).

Mr. Chips died in 1919. At the time of his death, he remembers the words of Katherine “Good-Bye, Mr.chips.”

Love you all, Veterans

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